At St Kea we want to root everything we do in prayer. As well as encouraging one another in our personal patterns of prayer, we also give specific space in the life of the church for group prayer in different contexts.


Whole Church Prayer Meeting

Once a month the whole church gathers for our whole church prayer meeting. Everyone is welcome to join us. Our meeting includes times of sung worship, information sharing and open prayer.

7:00-8:30pm every fourth Sunday of the month.

Praying for our Congregations

Every Sunday before our 9:30am St Kea Truro and our 11:00am St Kea All Hallows services, members of those congregations meet to pray for the service and the life of their congregation. Everyone is welcome to join us.

9:00am Truro (in the Penair Library) and 10:30am All Hallows (in the old choir vestry at the front of the church).

Prayer Ministry

After our 9:30am St Kea Truro and our 11:00am St Kea All Hallows services there is always an opportunity to receive prayer ministry. This is a chance to pray with others about something that might be especially concerning you or something that struck you during the service. It is also an opportunity to give thanks for answered prayer.

After our 9:30am Kea Truro and our 11:00am Kea All Hallows services.

Prayer at Old Kea

Once a month a number of church members gather at Old Kea to spend an extended time in open prayer. This meeting is open to anyone and details can be found on the church calendar.

Call to a Year of Prayer

Church leaders of the churches in and around Truro have called Christians to a year of prayer for our city and the surrounding localities. For more information on this call have a look at our gospel partnership page.

Churches Together Truro Prayer Meetings

For more information on Churches Together Truro Prayer Meetings click on the link below

Pastoral Care

The main way we care for one another in our large church family is through Small Groups. We also have a Pastoral Care team and each congregation has a Pastoral Care Team Leader. You can contact them directly via email