Small Groups and Life Groups

In our larger congregations it can be hard to get to know people individually, to share openly the challenges of life and find support and encouragement. Small groups and Life Groups are informal, relaxed and fun. Places where we can listen to God as He speaks in His word the Bible, apply His word to the realities of life, care for each other and pray for one another.

Alongside being a member of one of our four congregations, small groups are the main way we are seeing God at work transforming our lives.


Life groups in truro

Life Groups are the small groups for our 9:30am St Kea Truro Congregation. Every fortnight (1st and 3rd week of the month) life groups meet altogether in Starbucks in the centre of Truro . Gathering as a larger group this is a time for discussion, central teaching and prayer. Often news will be shared about the vision and future of our congregation.

On the alternate weeks (2nd, 4th & 5th) Life Groups meet in individual homes around Truro. These smaller meetings are more informal and give a chance to share more openly. Individual prayer requests can be shared and God's word applied to the details of life.

For more information about Life Groups in Truro contact THE CHURCH OFFICE.

Small groups at All Hallows

Small Groups for our All Hallows congregation meet in individuals homes on different days of the week and at different times. We have about 12 groups at All Hallows (the number changes as new groups start and groups come to a natural end).

During the autumn and spring terms small groups follow the teaching programme at the All Hallows service. In the summer groups look at topics that are of particular interest to them. 

Small groups are great places to prayer for one another and care for one another in really practical ways.

For more information about Small Groups at All Hallows contact our Small Group team leader Liz Aver.

Small Groups at CAP Lanterns

Small Groups for our 10am Tuesday St Kea CAP Lanterns congregation are part of each session. Meeting in Truro Baptist Church, after arriving and grabbing a coffee we split into small groups to catch up with friends, talk about how things are going and to pray for one another. Then we gather back together for central interactive teaching and discussion. The session finishes with lunch at about 12 noon.

In addition to these small groups we also have a 'drop in' for people struggling with debt, a small group in the afternoon (Release Groups) for people challenged by addiction and a small group helping people to get back into work (Job Club).

For more information about Tuesday CAP Lanterns contact our CAP team leader Natalie Gavan.

CAP Job Club is run in partnership with Grace Church Truro.