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Seeing Lives Transformed

Our vision at St Kea is to see lives transformed. Regardless of age, background or life experience, in Jesus we get to live life to its fullest and know hope for the future. Jesus gives life meaning and purpose and at St Kea we are joining together in the adventure that is living life for Him.

All Hallows and Old Kea

At All Hallows and Old Kea we have a vision to reach out and serve the parish of Kea and surrounding villages. A number of initiatives help us do this; Kea Stay and Play, Community Choir, Community Lunch, Open the Book, Alpha and Parenting courses. At All Hallows we are also deeply committed to children’s and youth work. Our full time Associate Minister for Youth and Families runs St Kea Youth Group (SKY) who meet on Friday night, Sunday Club and Sky and Acts on Sunday mornings. As a church family we gather together on Sunday to worship God and listen to His word. We meet mid week in a number of small groups to love, care and pray for each other. Our pastoral care team supports members of our church family who are facing challenges at anytime.


In 2014 we had a clear sense that we wanted to multiply our ministry and in 2015 we sent out a group from All Hallows to plant a new work in Truro. This plant is now established and committed to serving our city. Alongside Sunday Morning Truro with its worship, teaching and children’s work we also run Life Groups Truro. Our Christians Against Poverty work (led by our CAP Centre Manager) helps people in debt find release. We also work in local primary and secondary schools across the city.

There is much more to our life together at St Kea than the things detailed above - for more information about our vision and future plans do look at other areas of this website.

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Funding Our Work

Our life together (including all our buildings and staff costs) are all met directly from the regular giving of church members. We strongly sense God is calling us on even further to continue to grow the work that more lives might be transformed. Become a partner in this work by contributing financially. The rest of this page tells you how.

How to give

There are many ways you can give however the most beneficial way is planned regular giving. Planned giving makes it easier for us to budget and plan for the life of our church.

What is the best way to contribute financially?

We would encourage you to use the Parish Giving Scheme but there are other methods of regular giving and it’s up to you. Whatever method you choose, a regular gift is greatly appreciated.

  1. Parish Giving Scheme (PGS); for more information and to sign up you can request a pack using the form below.

  2. Standing order; set this up yourself with your bank. If you are a tax payer please complete a Gift Aid form and return it to the church office for the Planned Giving Officer. Account Name: The PCC of St Kea Sort Code: 30-98-76 Account Number: 00286230. Download a Gift Aid Form below and return it to the box at the back of one of our services .

  3. Envelope system; we can provide you with a numbered envelope for use each week of the year, although the process is very labour intensive!
  4. Cash; placed in the offering bag/box, the church can only reclaim a certain amount of Gift Aid on these gifts.

  5. A one off gift; please complete the form below for a Giving Pack.

Gift Aid Form

Please complete the form below if you would like to be sent a St Kea Giving Pack

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Why Give?

God has shown His great love for us in giving us so much, supremely in giving His Son. Having received such undeserved generosity it is our joy to give our lives to serving Him. Giving is not limited to our finances, God wants us to be generous with our time, energy and skills, property and homes. If we have received God’s abundant grace then we all have something to give generously.

How to give - What the Bible Says…

Abundantly; God’s word tells us of the abundant nature of God’s gifts to us so that we might give abundantly in response. While the Old Testament commanded a tithe (10% of income), the New Testament is far more radical - it calls us to give in a sacrificial way. Some will give far more than 10% of their income, others less.

Thoughtfully and Prayerfully; Each person should give what they have decided in their heart to give. We need to think carefully about the resources we have been given, not just give what we have spare, but give in a planned way.

Joyfully; It’s easy to give for the wrong reasons - to relieve our guilt, to avoid other avenues of Christian service, to be seen to be generous by others. Instead God loves a joyful and big-hearted response to all that He has lavished on us.

What is the need?

St Kea is an active and an ambitious church serving not only the Parish of Kea but the city of Truro, our region and the work of the gospel across the world. Our work is growing and financial support is a key factor in enabling this growth.

Giving elsewhere?

We are glad that many at St Kea support other ministries financially. However, because the Bible teaches us we have responsibility to support our own church we hope you will consider making St Kea the main recipient of your giving. St Kea currently gives 9% of its income to support other ministries and we are committed to seeing this percentage increase every year. In addition we also give £18,000 a year to support the work of other churches in our Diocese through the Mission and Ministry Fund.