Vision Developments for this Autumn

Sue Adams, PCC Member at St Kea, writes to explain a little about the way we see our plans developing at St Kea over the year ahead. We are encouraged by the increased joint working of the churches across Truro and the surrounding areas and also the recent engagement with the LoveTruro initiative. Do pray for our PCC as they meet at the start of September to confirm this direction and to take specific decisions for 2019. Sue writes…

We are very pleased to be short listing and soon to be interviewing for our new Associate Minister to lead the Youth and families work. Kea has a heart for reaching families and young people. We are fortunate that our congregations are united in the need for this work and have committed to providing the resource to support it.

At PCC on the 9th July there was a strong sense that God was moving amongst us and uniting us in a common purpose, not only within Kea, but with the wider community of churches in Truro and even with our local government!  Cornwall Council and Truro City Council are undertaking new initiatives to redevelop parts of Truro, in which the input of faith groups are being welcomed. At a meeting with senior representatives from the Councils it had become clear that churches are seen as broadly based community organisations and there is a desire to see them more deeply involved in developing community facilities. The role of CAP and possible future joint youth work are seen as particular areas where the churches could make a contribution, notably given their long term stability, as compared to many other organisations dependent on an ongoing flow of short term funds.

This sense of purpose was felt by everyone on the PCC and it was exciting.  It was described as God “joining the dots”.

The ‘dots’ that Kea church is already invested in are:

The Associate Minister with responsibility for Youth and Families. He or she will have a more senior role than we have previously had. The reason for this is we need:

o   to maintain and build further our youth and families team from within our volunteer base. This is a leadership role as opposed to being just a ‘doing’ role.

o    someone who has experience in engaging, reaching out and discipling families

o    a minister who can play a full part in Kea’s leadership alongside Marc and the leadership volunteers

o   To work alongside other churches in Truro, to pioneer and grow outreach to young people and families across Truro

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and its existing work in partnership with Grace Church and Truro Baptist Church, is well respected by other agencies working with adults and families in Cornwall. Its evangelistic approach is not being perceived by secular organisations as a barrier but rather an opportunity to embrace its potential and work alongside.

Kea Church in Truro: This congregation has a heart for reaching the ‘lost’ in the city and feel that we should focus on partnership working. There are current partnerships already in place which are jointly led by Kea, Truro Baptist Church and Grace Church. The business  breakfasts are another examples of what can be achieved in partnership

Dots from elsewhere:

Cornwall and Truro City Councils plan to work with community groups, particularly churches which are seen as a sustained resource within communities.

Three other churches in Truro are appointing Youth ministers and joint working with other churches is part of their job description.

Truro Churches Together’s  mission Statement  is:

‘That every person, living and working in Truro and the surrounding localities, should have the opportunity to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ from someone who loves them.’

After a year of prayer, and a recent away day in Redruth, Churches Together have an emerging sense of how they might go about realising this vision together. Churches Together are looking to develop a youth ministry that both supports existing Christian young people in their journey and reaches out to others. There is a clear intention to do this in partnership.

To sum up:

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. (Psalm 127 vs: 1)

We so wanted to share this time at PCC with our church family as we had a strong sense that the Lord was moving among us and amongst our community. We felt very encouraged and wanted to share it with you.

If you want to ask any questions please ask any of PCC member.