History - the faithfulness of God

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Launching this Sunday is a new sermon series in the book of Genesis helping us to experience the faithfulness of God.

For many of us at different times we feel that life can be tough. Family life can be challenging, work life can be frustrating, struggles with illness or tensions in our relationships can (at times) make it seem like an uphill struggle.

When we reach these 'low' places we can begin to wonder where God is, why He is not blessing our lives more, why God is not more like the God we see in the Bible?

Abraham lived in this place. He had received amazing promises from God of being the head of a vast family - but the reality he saw in front of him was a childless marriage. How did he live in this place? How did he continue to trust God's promises? How did he know true joy?

History this a three week series in the book of Genesis that will help us think about and know the promises of God for our lives.