Harvest - We Plough the Fields and Scatter

Harvest - We Plough the Fields and Scatter

Harvest is a time when we thank God for the many blessings He has given us and pray for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This Sunday we are especially thinking about the work of Foodbank in Truro as they seek to help those in our own area who are struggling to put food on the table for the week ahead. 

Many of us have so much to be thankful for. In fact it has been widely demonstrated that thankfulness directly affects our wellbeing as humans. Taking time each day or week to reflect on the amazing things in our lives - showing gratitude to those we interact with - stopping to wonder at the beauty of God’s creation all around us - these things have a direct impact on our mental health. Above all, at St Kea we want to be thankful because of the person of Jesus Christ. As we will see this Sunday, Jesus is the one who not only turns water into wine at parties, but brings life in all its fullness to all who believe in Him.


Teenager Parenting Course at St Kea

Launching on the 4th October - click here for more information.


Whole Church Prayer Meeting Sunday 24th - 7:00pm

Following the theme of this term (drawing close to the light that is Jesus Christ) we will be meeting as a church family to pray for each other, our church and our world. If you are a regular member at St Kea do join us as we pray for God to do amazing things.


PCC Update

Last week our PCC met for their first meeting of the new academic year. We spent time considering how we can improve our communications as a church; some new systems will now be trialled behind the scenes with a hope to introduce them in the new year. The PCC also discussed the relationship between the role of the PCC and our Leadership Teams. The PCC felt they wanted to reduce the number of PCC members to better enable them to conduct business. This proposal will come to next year’s APCM. The PCC also approved outline plans for Old Kea, as we seek to add disabled access and toilet facilities. The PCC decided to move to the next stage of starting to apply for planning permission and begin fundraising.

If any church member would like to receive the full minutes of our PCC meetings do let us know and we can arrange for them to be sent out. 


As Always, Marc Baker