Vision Sunday 10th September

Vision Sunday - 10:30am 10th September 2017

Sunday the 10th September is a significant Sunday in the life of our church at St Kea. Many of us will have been away over the summer at different times and this Sunday is a chance to regather as we begin the autumn term.

The morning begins at 10:30am when all four of our congregations are gathering together for a time of celebration and praise. During this shorter All Age service we will be looking forward to the year ahead. I will be speaking about the plans our PCC and Leadership Teams have developed for the next 12 months and where we see our church family developing and growing. 

As well as speaking about the vision that is set before us, we will be praising God for His goodness and committing another academic year in the life of our church to Him. Do make it a priority to come and hear the news and begin the new year together.

After the service each of our Leadership Teams are taking part in providing a great BBQ lunch. This will be hosted in the Vicarage Garden just up the road from the church. Instructions on what to bring are included in Notes and News. We need to know the numbers so we can make arrangements for the food, so please do sign up at the Welcome Desk in Truro and at the back of church in All Hallows and at Old Kea. 

As well as the BBQ, different people will be providing a variety of entertainments: live music, bouncy castle (built for grownups as well as children!) and garden games. 

In the past years this has been a very special launch to the new year in our church family. It is a great way to end the summer and recommit ourselves to the Lord for the term ahead. I hope you can join us all.