Over the last year we have been implementing three significant projects to develop our ministry of seeing God transform lives. As ambitious as these 3 next steps seem, we believe the Lord is a God of abundance who always provides for His work.


Step #1




All Hallows Building

 To serve our local community and continue to grow our work, we need to see an improvement in the facilities at All Hallows.

This redevelopment will provide things such as; disabled toilets in the church, a modern crèche area, a decent kitchen area and seating which can be easily moved and stacked for different activities.


Step #2




Truro Building
New Youth Hub, CAP and Community Space

The Youth Hub will enable all young people in Truro to have somewhere they can go and find relationship, support for the pressures they face and the opportunity to experience the love of Christ in really practical ways. These relationships will be developed through a variety of interest based activities 

This building will also enable us to expand the work of CAP through the week, increase our services and give the least advantaged in our community a fresh start. This building will also be the centre of our outreach to the business community and a home for our Truro congregation. 






Ministry Support
Add Senior Staff Team Member

By God’s grace we have been able to complete this third step.

The focus of this role is to develop our ministry amongst young people, children and families.

They will pioneer the Youth Hub in Truro, grow and inspire a team and launch the project.

Beyond the Hub launch, this senior member of the team will also develop our ministry to children and families more broadly, seeking to help us develop our worship and ministry with families across our church. We want to be a church with a growing family work.


It would be possible, in fact much easier, for us to move forward with one of these ideas at a time, but we genuinely believe that our church family has all the skills and resources and abilities to take these three next steps. Taking these steps will make a real difference now with results that will impact for generations to come.

We accept these three steps are a huge undertaking - but we have a huge God.

"If we sow sparingly in our aspirations, then we will also reap sparingly."

Old Kea - A Centre for Prayer and Reflection

These 3 next steps are in addition to the work at Old Kea that is well under way. Over the last few years, a vision for the future role of this church has become increasingly clear. We want this precious resource to be a comfortable space where individuals and groups can go for prayer, reflection and even host small meetings. We are improving the facilities and the team working on this have made massive progress and are well on the way to successful grant applications. This is the result of much hard work.