All Age Summer Series - heroes of Faith

This summer our all age series is looking at the characters from the Old Testament mentioned in Hebrews 11.

Hebrews 11 is all about faith and encouraging us to have faith in Christ when our faith feels week. To do that, Hebrews 11 imagines a great cloud of witnesses from the Old Testament, gathered round cheering us on - like runners in a race with the crowd in the stands cheering the participants.

The crowd in the stands cheering us are all 'heroes of faith' for us to follow, but they are also all ordinary people like us. Ordinary people with extraordinary faith. Each week we will see how people just like us acted in ways that demonstrated their extraordinary faith. 

The children in 7-11s Sunday Club at All Hallows have been looking at these characters this last term and we hope they will be able to teach us many of the things they have been learning. On the 15th July the 7-11s All Hallows Sunday Club will be feeding back to the church family in their service and they are also building an exhibition of all they have seen for the 22nd July. Then starting on the 29th we will look at these heroes together.


Collectable Cards

Much like collectable football cards, each week the children will be able to collect the card of the character of the week. Over the weeks they will be able to build up their collection. Will any one have a full set by the end of the series?

The cards will be produced by the office and available for you on your chosen Sunday.

The Giant Collectors Book

Each week you will be given a giant card of your character of the week to 'stick' in the giant collectors book. Over the series we will be able to flip through the book to see all the different characters we have looked at over the weeks. This book will make the 'great cloud of witnesses' for the last week.


Memory Verse of the Series

Towards the beginning of the series it would be good to find different ways to learn the memory verse of the series. Towards the end of the series it would be good to find different ways of seeing if we have grasped the verse.

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus" Hebrews 12:1-2

Songs of the Series

All Through History

(Version used week one)

(Watch the Video for the Actions)

Additional songs for the series will be added here...


Service Outline

We aim for all age services to be 45 mins in length (which is a lot less time than we tend to think) and highly interactive.

We aim for our services to have a single clear aim which we explore through the service. We want to spend a good amount of time reflecting on how that single aim works out in our lives - we want our services to be very applied to the realities of real life. If I am leading a service and can not describe my 'single aim' in a few simple words, there is a good chance those coming to the service will not know what the aim is and for the service to seem a little muddled. Having spent time in God's word, before planning the service, I always start by writing out a very simple 'aim sentence'. Everything else in the service is designed to help communicate and apply that aim.

These are not children's services. We are seeking to engage all ages. Within this context it is very possibly to have moments of reflection, to engage adults with deeper themes and have times of poieniency.

Once the aim for the service is clear it is important to help people think about how they might respond. We want people to go away with a clear answer to the question, "What difference does what I have seen this morning make to my life this week?"

Variety is great and so don't feel restricted in thinking of creative and engaging ways build your service. The outline below gives you an idea of an 'average' service, but we hope to see great variety in how our services are led - so feel free to go for it! 


Week One - 29th July - Abraham

Hebrews 11:8-22, Genesis 12, 15, 22 - I had faith in God and I was given 3 big promises by God.

Truro: Marc Baker - AH: Marc Baker



To teach that God kept his promises to Abraham, and to encourage the children to have faith in God to keep his promises to us.


To know that God kept His promises to Abraham.

To understand that as Christians we know much more about God's plan that Abraham did, because we know about Jesus.

To explore some of the promises we have from God for us today and to trust them.

Week Two - 5th August - Moses

Hebrews 11:23-29, Exodus 3, 14 - I had faith in God and I led God’s people out of Egypt. 

Old Kea HC: Marc Baker - Truro: Graham Loveland - AH: Jonny Alford



To strengthen our faith in God has we hear about His mighty power to keep his promises to His people.


To know that God rescued the Israelites from Egypt, as he had promised.

To understand that God is all-powerful and therefore able to keep all His promises.

To explore ways we can put our faith into action.

Week Three - 12th August - Rahab

Hebrews 11:31, James 2, Joshua 2, 6 - I had faith in God and I helped some spies. 

Truro: Stephen Baird - AH: Wendy Vincent



To teach us that God gives faith to all kinds of people and that having faith is the only way to please God


To know that God gave Rahab faith in Him and involved her in His plan.

To understand we can not earn God's approval.

To explore why faith is so important for our own relationship with God.

Week Four - 19th August - Gideon

Hebrews 11:32-34, Judges 6-7 - I had faith in God and I led an army with torches for weapons. 

Truro: No Service Beach Trip - AH: Jo Stone - Old Kea - Alan Jones

Holy Communion at AH if Lucy Larkin is available to preside?



To encourage us to have faith in God and put our faith into action, because we know God is with us and helping us.


To know that God was with Gideon and his army, giving them victory when it seemed impossible.

To understand God is trustworthy and always with us to help us.

To explore times when we feel afraid or weak and to express a growing faith in God's presence and help.

Week Five - 26th August - Barak and Deborah

Hebrews 11:32-34, Judges 4:1-22 - I had faith in God and the Lord went ahead of me. 

Truro: Stephen Baird (Leading) Richard Wallace (All Age Talk) - AH: Malcolm Henderson (Leading) Richard Wallace (All Age Talk)



To strengthen our faith in God, by teaching about God's faithfulness and power, and the example of Deborah's faith and courage.


To know that God delivered his people, Using Deborah and Barak.

To understand that God is always with his people to help them.

Explore how keeping our mind on Jesus can help in specific situations that may make us feel discouraged.


Week Six - 2nd September - Samson

Hebrews 11:32-34, Judges 13-16 - I had faith in God and I pulled a building down on God’s enemies. 

Old Kea HC: Marc Baker - Truro: Marc Baker - AH: Malcolm Henderson



To encourage us to grow in our faith as we realise nothing stops God achieving His purposes.


To know nothing stops God achieving His purposes and he may even use people who make foolish mistakes, like Samson.

To understand God can use us in his plans, even though we make foolish mistakes.

To explore how this can help us not to be discouraged, but to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, even when we make mistakes.

One Church Sunday (Joint Service 10:30am All Hallows) - 9th september

Hebrews 12:1-3

Joint: Marc Baker



To encourage us all at the start of a new academic year to trust God and not shirk back, because we have fixed our eyes on Jesus.


To know that God's big plan for his people centres on Jesus, our Saviour.

To understand that keeping our mind on Jesus helps us to be people of faith.

To be able to identify how our lives can show that we have faith in God.