Mission at St Kea

God's character is to reach out to those who are lost and come alongside those in need. This is what God has done for us at Kea and in response this is what he calls us to do for others. At Kea we have a long history of giving support to a number of mission partners, both locally and across the world.

There is a growing desire (as we look to the future) to increase our links with God's work across the world. It is our joy to support gospel work across the globe with our money, prayers and resources- we have much to give. Gospel partnership is also a great blessing to us- there is nothing more encouraging or motivating than to hear of all that God is doing in his world, it brings us perspective and encourages our praise.

We give thanks for the blessing each of our mission partners are to us and for the privilege of being in partnership with them .

Richard and Riekje Wallace 

Richard and Riekje Wallace lead Mountainview, an international church with a Spanish flavour that they helped establish in 2002 in Madrid, Spain. The church has about 120 people attending weekly services, small groups and outreach projects. 

Mercy Rescue trustMercy Rescue Trust

MRT continues to rescue babies in Kitale, Kenya and secure foster parents. Approximately half of our 25 children represent a long term commitment where fostering has not been possible. Our children live in a family environment and those who remain with us attend local schools including two who will require secondary boarding education next year. We also give some educational support to the children of our 18 staff. The Kenyan environment, together with our limited resources, means an ongoing fragility within the trust. We know that God is sustaining us and will be in the decisions and changes that will be necessary in the future. We seek a sustained regular income, local support for our manager Jedidah, improved schooling for our children. and our own property providing the opportunity for a more secure future.

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